4th of July Happenings for Orange County

FourthOfJulyThe day that we celebrate our country’s independence is just hours away!

That being the case, I wanted to pass along some ideas for you and your families to celebrate the day – maybe it will be something you do every year, or maybe you will start a new tradition this Saturday.


CITY HALL PARK – Country Fair. Cost: Free. 7am-4pm. (714)827-1776


DISNEYLAND: Regular park admission.

ANGEL STADIUM: Angel Game. Cost: Various ticket prices. Fireworks after the game. Start time: 6:05pm.

CANYON HIGH SCHOOL: Parade at 3pm. Cost: Free. www.chccanaheim.com


FULLERTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDIUM: Festivities begin at 5pm and Fireworks are at 9pm. Cost: Potentially $2-$4. Get there early for seating!

La Habra:

LA HABRA HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM: Family-style entertainment begins at 6pm. Cost: Presale tickets are $5. Children 4-12 are $3. Fireworks are at 9:30pm. (562)905-9708.

Yorba Linda:

VETERANS/VALLEY VIEW. Cost: Free. Festivities begin at 4pm and fireworks start at 9:00pm.

Newport Beach:

NEWPORT DUNES RESORT: All day beach fun and activities. Fireworks at 9:00pm. Cost: $50 per car.

Laguna Beach:

MAIN BEACH: Fireworks at dusk. Cost: Free.

Huntington Beach:

HUNTINGTON PIER: 10am-9pm. Fireworks at dusk. Cost: Free. Limited VIP seating for $10. www.HB4thofJuly.org or (714)714-536-5486


I hope that you find something in that list to make an adventure out of this weekend. Enjoy celebrating this poignant day for our Nation and remembering those who fight to keep our freedoms year round. We have little to celebrate without the sacrifices of so many brave American’s overseas and across our country.

Happy 4th of July!


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Short sale! Short sale! Read all about it!

If you are a buyer in today’s market you’ve heard the term countless times. While these properties seem to be a better deal, you know that it can take anywhere from 2 -4 months to close escrow on a short sale. It’s a waiting game.


If you are a homeowner in today’s market you watch these ‘short sales’ in your neighborhood sometimes close at prices below market value. You wonder what it will do to the value of your own home – especially with a seemingly increasing amount of short sales across the nation.


A year or two ago the term was rarely used, while today, it is used in every day real estate talk as often as we say ‘refinance’ or ‘interest rates’. It seems to make sense according to CNNMoney who says that “1 in 5 mortgages [are] underwater” as of the beginning of the month.  


When one of these homes with an ‘underwater mortgage’ goes on the market, you have yourself a short sale. The bank must accept less than what is owed on the property or else it goes into foreclosure and the bank takes ownership. The process is long, and especially complicated when there are two lenders on an account. This means a longer negotiation process between all parties involved, and yes, you guessed it, a longer waiting period.


A word of advice:


For the buyers:  If you have time, short sales can be worth the wait. If you don’t have time, look for regular sales and REO properties. You will have a simpler negotiation process.


For the Homeowners: Stay positive and hang tight. You can have your taxes reassessed to help alleviate some financial strain. Also, you can look into re-financing to a lower interest rate.

Life happens, and jobs are relocated. Sometimes moving isn’t a ‘want-to’ but a ‘have-to’. This is the time to call a professional and discuss your options.


As always, I want to be here and available to help answer all of these difficult real estate questions. It is a pleasure to be of service in any way.


For the full CNNMoney.com article, go here. California is mentioned specifically and it provides a valuable nation-wide perspective on real estate matters that we face today.  

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Is there hope for Homeowners?

If you turn on the television or pick up a newspaper you will hear about this stimulus package, that prevention plan, a billion dollars for this, and a potential deficit that has risen above the trillion dollar mark. Is it good, bad, or neither?

As a homeowner in the US, and more specifically here in North Orange County, what does all of this mean for YOU?

Details for President Obama’s Foreclosure Prevention Plan are said to be released on March 4th, 2009. Until that day comes, I wanted to share with you some of the answers that the LA Times provided this week in their Q & A article “How the Obama plan will affect Homeowners.”

Who is it for?

The worry is that the plan will reward those who made poor decisions when applying for a mortgage and do nothing for those homeowners who have remained current on their payments despite the fact that they owe more than their home is worth due to the declining market. The plan states “the loan modification plan will exclude speculators and borrowers with high debts.”

How is it going to help?

A Washington Post article said:  “The three key elements of the proposal include a program that would allow 4 million to 5 million homeowners with little equity in their homes to refinance into cheaper mortgages; a $75 billion program to keep 3 million to 4 million homeowners out of foreclosure; and a doubling of the government’s commitment to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to $400 billion.”

Check out the article for more details on questions regarding the plan and bankruptcy, those who are already in foreclosure and what the $75 Billion Dollar plan will affect taxpayers.

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Welcome everyone to my new Real Estate Blog!

I hope you find all of the information here to be your competitive advantage in today’s market.

Come back often, leave comments. Together we will make this a place for you to come and send your friends for the most important and pertinent real estate info for those living in Southern California and in the US.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sheila Buonauro

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